Oregon Employment First Initiative

Check out the results of our most recent collaboration with the Oregon Developmental Disabilities Services program here:

The goal of the partnership with the Oregon Employment First Initiative is to increase capacity and competitive integrated employment services. We provide the following services to accomplish this goal. 



Oregon Employment Learning Network training series (OELN)


This core competency training series is ACRE accredited and consists of 4, 2 day trainings. Training seminars occur every two months, rotating around the state of Oregon.

Topics include:

  • The History of Supported Employment, Discovery and Person Centered Planning
  • Job Development and Marketing
  • Social Security and Work Incentives
  • Systematic Instruction and Long Term Support.

Calendar to learn about upcoming events

Trainer Mentoring Pilot Program (TMPP)


The TMPP started in 2016 with the goal of developing local capacity to deliver training within organizations and communities on systematic instruction. Participants in the TMPP experience hands on instruction, practice and development with experienced subject matter experts, Teri Johnson and Joyce Dean. The Program includes the following experience.

One three-day seminar to:

  • Review content and presentation tips related to the OELN “Systematic Instruction and Follow-Along” seminar
  • Develop presentation outlines, examples and activities
  • Practice “live” teaching with individuals with significant learning challenges (“consultant learners”)

One two-day seminar to practice brief presentations and “live” teaching with consultant learners

Homework assignments to assist participants to develop teaching and presentation “kits”

Site visits (up to two days per participant) by the subject matter experts to observe and give feedback to participant trainers at their own locations

Interested in learning more?

For more information, contact Emily Harris directly at [email protected] or fill out our contact form.


Oregon DHS Employment First information

Read more about Employment First

Oregon DHS Employment First information

Oregon Resource Association a statewide membership organization

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