Washington State Training and Technical Assistance

Please utilize this interactive map by clicking on the county! There, you will find information about that county, including; Wise TA Coordinator contact info, county contact info & information about that county’s organizations and service providers.

Wise’s Role in the State of Washington:

Wise is the Supported Employment Technical Assistance and Training agency supporting Washington State’s Developmental Disabilities Administration, county developmental disability programs, and supported employment agencies.  We work with state DDA and WA State counties to customize, plan and deliver best practice training, technical assistance, and collaboration to promote employment for Washingtonians who experience developmental and intellectual disabilities.  We also host statewide and regional events and are adept at delivering our services through several modalities including in-person, online, and hybrid in-person/online. We have expert staff and a large group of subject matter experts & Wise Associates to fill this important need in Washington State.


Washington Employment Provider Search, Quality Employment Services: Will you Know it When you See It?

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WA-DDD Employment Supports Performance Outcome Information System

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People Working Videos

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Wise is seeking candidates for three open positions

These positions allow for primarily remote work, with some travel, and will require flexibility with work hours. Travel may include work across Oregon, Washington and periodically across other states. The successful candidate will provide their energy, enthusiasm,...

PROCEED UNTIL APPREHENDED: WISE’S Innovative Thinking on Supported Employment in the Midst of a Crisis

Serena Lowe, TASH’s interim Executive Director, talks with Cesilee Coulson, the Executive Director of WISE, the Washington Initiative for Supported Employment. They have the sort of conversation you might expect from two people with such depth of experience in these...

Tech Flexibility by Shaun Wood

Skeuomorphism (pronounced skew-a-morf-ism) is a design concept of making things look like their real-world counterparts. The most iconic example for most people of skeuomorphic design is the “trash” or “recycle” bin icon on their desktop computers. The recycle bin on...

Capacity Building:

Wise is proud to have partnered with local leaders and providers for over 30 years to help Washington State become and remain a leader in Supported Employment.  Continual capacity building through professional development opportunities, systems and policy change efforts, and collaborative projects ensures access to quality employment opportunities across Washington State that are examples referenced nationally and internationally.

Training and Technical Assistance Areas:

At Wise, we thrive on creating innovative training and technical assistance that is customized to meet the needs of job seekers, supported employees and the amazing people that support them to be successful.  Here are some examples of areas for training and technical assistance.  Select from the many options or craft something and run it by us!

Wise offers a variety of trainings delivered in ways that suit the needs of it’s attendees. Check out our extensive list of trainings:  

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