2021 Virtual Community Summit: Thriving Through Equity, Resilience & Inclusion

DSHS’ Developmental Disabilities Administration and Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, along with our partners Wise and Washington State Counties are pleased to announce the 2021 Community Summit Webinar Series & Resource Fair!

The 9th annual Community Summit will be held on a virtual platform with weekly webinar sessions May 6 through June 24, 2021.

Join us for presentations, social events, and panel discussions addressing Resilience, Equity, and Inclusion. Webinars are free of charge and open to all who share the Community Summit goals of creating more inclusive communities in the state of Washington.

For more information and to register, click here.

Wise stands in solidarity alongside those who are fighting for racial justice


Our communities have been engaged in unprecedented civil rights protests, calling for racial equity in our country and across the globe. We want to share our commitment to stand against acts of violence and systemic racism and stand in support of our Black and brown community members demanding justice.

The tragic killings of George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN., and other Black and brown men and women in recent months are a product of systemic racism and are not actions which align with a free and democratic society.

As our community members of all racial backgrounds have come together to express outrage at these and other killings through peaceful protest, we will commit to building solutions to end and retool the oppressive systems that cause harm and hurt for so many.

Wise is committed to standing up for and embracing positive changes in policies and practices to stamp out oppression and discrimination in our institutions and systems. We seek partners with a range of experience in social change to ensure that we continue to further our mission of inclusion and equitable employment for people with disabilities.

Today and beyond, let’s challenge ourselves to find new ways of working together that will expand our thinking and result in a more peaceful, safe, healthy, and just society.



Cesilee Coulson

Executive Director – Wise

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