Wise is seeking candidates for three open positions

These positions allow for primarily remote work, with some travel, and will require flexibility with work hours. Travel may include work across Oregon, Washington and periodically across other states. The successful candidate will provide their energy, enthusiasm, talent and expertise in support of, and as an integral part of, a team dedicated and passionate about promoting and achieving employment for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

If you are interested in being part of our organization, please send a resume and cover letter to [email protected]. Application deadlines vary based on position. Please see below for more information.

Training and Technical Assistance Program Manager

In this position, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Provide training and technical assistance on core supported employment skills both online and in person.  
  • Plan and coordinate training, community and other events related to employment.  
  • Work with community members to promote supported and customized employment for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 
  • Work with Wise staff, consultants, and government partners to assist employers to hire people with disabilities. 
  • Lend expertise to a host of other exciting projects as they arise.  

Application deadline: 5:00pm PDT, November 22, 2022.

Operations and Communications Coordinator

Application period closed.

Staff Accountant

Application period closed.

Wise is committed to standing up for and embracing positive changes in policies and practices to combat discrimination in our institutions and systems. We seek employees and partners with a range of experiences and are committed to creating an inclusive work environment where all employees are respected and appreciated for their unique contributions. 

Joining our team will provide an opportunity for critical thinking around how external systems and societal norms impact access to employment for people with disabilities. In recruiting for our team, we welcome the unique perspectives and experience that you can bring in terms of your own culture, ethnicity, race, sex, gender identity and expression, nation of origin, age, languages spoken, veteran’s status, color, religion, disability, education and sexual orientation.  

Building a Portrait of Competence: Using Person Centered Planning to Develop a Comprehensive Vision for Employment

In the last Webinar of the 2017-18 Series, Debra McLean will discuss how to collect specific information about a job seeker from people who know and care about them utilizing a person centered planning process. This information becomes the foundation for job match, employer approach, and potential support strategies. Person centered planning energizes the team and enhances the job search. It creates a vibrant document that is a positive portrait of the job seeker leading to effective placement that really fits the person.



Seeking Technical Assistance and Training Program Manager

Wise is currently seeking a Technical Assistance and Training Program Manager. Wise is a not for profit organization dedicated to expanding and sustaining integrated and customized employment opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our work is primarily educational. We consult with families, employment service agencies, local and state governments, school districts, and private businesses, providing training and support for those who wish to create employment opportunities in their communities.

As a Technical Assistance and Training Program Manager you will have the unique opportunity to: • Work alongside the Wise teams located in Seattle, Spokane and Portland • Plan and coordinate training, community and other events related to employment • Work with local community members to promote community employment • Work with Wise staff, consultants, Counties and the State of Washington to assist employers to hire people who experience disabilities • Provide training and technical assistance on core supported employment skills throughout Oregon and Washington States, and • Be involved in a host of other exciting projects as they arise.

The position requires frequent travel. Travel will include work across WA State and may include work in other states as needed. This position will be based in the Seattle office and will require a flexibility with work hours and travel scheduling. The successful candidate will provide his or her energy, enthusiasm, talent and expertise as an integral member of a team dedicated and passionate about promoting and achieving employment for All.

If you are interested in being part of our organization, please send your resume and cover letter to: Monica Zumach, Training and Technical Assistance Director at Wise no later than 5:00 p.m. February 15, 2018. Monica can be reached through email at [email protected] or by mail at 100 S. King St., Suite 260, Seattle, WA 98104. See below for the position description.

POSITION DESCRIPTION: The Program Manager promotes the mission and values of the Washington Initiative for Supported Employment and may collaborate with other Program Managers to this end. Program Managers are normally employed to perform various job duties within a specific purpose or project(s). They provide technical assistance, information and consultation to governmental staff, community boards, employment service agencies, schools, parents, advocates, employers, co-workers and individuals with disabilities to foster the values, design, development, marketing and operation of supported employment. IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: Training and Technical Assistance Director POSITIONS SUPERVISED: Positions as may be assigned by the Executive Director

JOB DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: • Designs and implements project plans to build capacity for integrated and customized employment services • Facilitates project team meetings and/or project reports • Acts as the point of contact for informational calls regarding programs • Supports the development and implementation of agency goals, priorities, and policies, and manages various projects necessary for the agency to function effectively • Implements new models and activities that promote long-term employment of people with disabilities • Develops, delivers and facilitates training events, public forums, and/or conferences • Develops and delivers informational and technical presentations and materials on supported employment or other specific projects • Represents the organization at public and professional meetings and forums • Compiles and prepares financial, statistical, and narrative reports on organizational performance • Additional responsibilities and duties as negotiated and assigned by the Executive Director or Training and Technical Assistance Director
PREFERRED EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Bachelor’s degree and/or related experience in the delivery of training and technical assistance related to supported employment; Two years’ experience may be substituted for each year of education.

MANDATORY QUALIFICATIONS: A valid Washington State Driver’s license and private automobile liability insurance are required.


Introducing Our New Team Members!

I’d like to officially welcome and introduce you to Chisa O’Quinn, Stephen Eyman, and Charly Walters. Chisa will be joining us in our Seattle office and Charly and Stephen are landing in our Spokane office. We are thrilled to be adding new expertise on both sides of WA state and I look forward to watching these three amazing professionals add to our ability to advance competitive integrated employment services throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Please join me in welcoming our new Wise team members!

Cesilee Coulson–Executive Director



Chisa O’Quinn is a Social Worker who has traveled with individuals through the worlds of Corrections, Counseling, Disability Services, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse. What sets her apart as a leader and advocate in the field is her ability to creatively seek solutions in difficult situations, and her focus on person centered planning strategies. Chisa holds a Masters in Social Work from Portland State University. She has been in the field of Developmental Disabilities since 2003, starting as an Employment Specialist, Supported Employment Program Manager and Personal Agent in Vancouver, WA. Recently, Chisa was a Personal Agent in Oregon’s Brokerage system. Chisa is an avid spectator who enjoys watching sporting events, comedy shows, theater, movies and generally saying “yes” to new opportunities and activities that cross her path. Chisa is the founder of My Sister’s Keeper NW, an event planning organization designed to connect, empower, and enrich women. Her volunteer interests include volunteer coordination for iUrbanTeen and Mosaic Blueprint.

Stephen Eyman grew up in a home where the disability experience was an everyday part of the family tapestry. This instilled in him a love for diverse forms of communication, a desire to see people live life to the fullest, and opportunities to support people to transcend communication differences to connect with one another. Stephen studied Spanish and International Studies at Whitworth University.  He had the opportunity to study abroad in Central America, where he learned to appreciate the nuances of language, culture, and the importance of human rights and social justice on a global scale. Stephen was the recipient of a Fulbright grant to teach English at a university in Colombia where he developed a passion for higher education, bilingualism, and peacebuilding. Upon his return, it became clear to Stephen that many of these themes are highly relevant to his brother’s experience with disability and social services. He believes in the importance of promoting rights, dignity, and quality of life for people of all backgrounds, abilities, and communication styles.

Because of his experience, Stephen sees great opportunity in sibling education, and recognizes the valuable role siblings can play when they are invited to the conversation and have access to information and training. Stephen strives to think outside the box to support people to achieve fullness of life and equity, and he sees employment as a valuable tool to achieve this goal. Stephen lives in his home community of Spokane, WA, which he considers an underappreciated gem of the ever-beautiful Pacific Northwest.  There, he has worked in employment services, community access, therapeutic recreation, and in the development of a work study project with local universities involving Person-Centered Planning and support for students (14-21) in preparation for transition from high school. Stephen is passionate about  international collaboration, accessible higher education for nuerodiverse students, effective public policy, creative communication strategies, and culturally competent and/or bilingual services.


Charly Walters came to Wise with a passion for social equality, which she had developed with over a decade of experience in job coaching, job development, residential care, and volunteering with individuals with disabilities.  Having grown up in a rural environment, Charly was immersed in an inclusive community where labels such as disability were not something that separated or divided people from one another.  While attending college, Charly volunteered for Special Olympics as a coach.  There she saw, firsthand, the potential of a career in this field.  She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from the University of Washington.  Charly has spent the last six years working first as a job coach, then employment consultant for both King County and Spokane County.  In 2014, she was selected to manage Spokane County’s Mental Health Pilot Project where she provided embedded employment services to high school students learning to manage dual diagnoses.  Currently, Charly is working with Spokane County and Spokane businesses on the HireAbility Spokane initiative. She is striving to create a movement within the Spokane business community that will create typical employment experiences for all.  Charly is excited about and dedicated to the idea of promoting social equality through education, opportunity, and employment.

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